Italy Has Way More To Offer Than Just Pizza

Italy is one of the most attractive places in Europe. This country is famous for its Roman churches and other museums, which are known for their collection of works of art and other things.

The country is a Mecca for those interested in art and architecture before and after the Renaissance. The country is also known for its fashion houses, and some of the best photographers in the world are Italians.

There are many things you can do in Italy, and here are some of best Travel Destinations In Italy


It is the capital of Italy, known for its art and churches located in different parts of the city. There are more than 300 churches in the city. In this city is the headquarters of Christianity, the Vatican. In addition to the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and the Colosseum are other attractions in Rome.


This city is known as the fashion capital of the world. Milan is a rich personification with a huge selection of elegant galleries, restaurants, shops and, without a doubt, the valuable art and culture reflected in the historical structures of this place. Here is one of the most famous opera houses, Scala and A.C., the best football club in Italy. You can also experience the magnificent aura of a cathedral or shop with a first-class shopping experience in Milan.

This city is famous for the annual Milan Fashion Week, which takes place in September. The most popular destination in Milan is Santa Maria delle Grazie with some of the most beautiful churches in Italy. In this place is the fresco of the Last Supper.

Another place to visit is Castello Sforzesco, which offers the public a series of works of art and collections. The city has the famous football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan.


This Italian city is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance movement. Some of Michelangelo’s best works have been kept here. This place is also known as the wine capital of Italy and is a must for wine lovers. The Santa Croce Basilica is the main attraction of this city, which attracts tourists from all over the world.


This is a must visit in Italy. This city is called “paradise on earth.” The city was built around a number of canals, and boats are the main mode of transport in the main part of the city. Many famous James Bond films and other Hollywood films have been shot here. You can go on a romantic boat trip to the old city of Venice, and this is recommended for the honeymoon that arrives here.

Another place not to be missed is St. Mark’s Square. As many geographers say, Venice is actually a sunken city. The annual amount of runoff has been severely affected by global warming, which has accelerated this downgrade process.

Although scientists believe that this will take another 20-30 years, you should go on a journey now, while it is still afloat. The best attractions are Piazza San Marco, Basilica of San Marco and the Grand Canal in Venice, which literally divides the island into two parts.

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