You’ll Absolutely Fall In Love With Greece

The beauty of Greece has no equal among the Meditarrenean countries. Ancient cities, beautiful beaches and mighty mountains are some of the wonders you will find in Greece.

The country has 2000 islands and 170 of them are inhabited. Its territorial extension can be compared in size to the United Kingdom or Alabama.

In Greece there are destinations for all tastes; hikers, sea lovers and people interested in the history and archeology. Here you the best travel destinations in Greece.


Let’s start this list with the famous and stunning city of Athens, the capital of Greece.

Known as the cradle of the Western civilization and the place where democracy was born, Athens hosts more than just the Pathernon and the Acropolis. Nowadays, Athens have subways, pristine streets and excellent freeways. In this city you will find a mixture of the modern and the ancient.


After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most famous archaeological place in Greece. If you have read Oedipus the King, this place might sound familiar to you. According to the legend, this place was a relevant oracle which received lot of people asking the priestess for advice about farming and politics. In Delphi, there are some ancient ruins like the Apollo’s temple and the Athenian Treasury.


Located in the southernmost region of Greece, the Peloponnese is another place full of history. In this peninsula, you will find Nafplio, a beautiful seaside city. You canĀ“t miss visiting the Olympian ruins, the place that host the first Olympic Games.


The meaning of meteora is “suspended in the air”. Just a perfect name for the 1200 feet high cliffs spread across the landscape. From the top, you can appreciate an incredible view of the north villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki.

The most impressive of this place are the monasteries that were built on the top of some cliffs. Meteora is definitely some of the most amazing places in Greece.


Now we move to the Greek islands to talk about of one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea: Crete. Being one of the largest islands, Crete stands out due to the contrasts of its beautiful coastlines, mountains and villages. Balos Lagoon and Elafonisi beach are the most incredible natural sites you can visit in Crete.


Zakynthos is one of the Ionian Islands, known for having a softer climate and huge green landscapes. If you are lucky, we will be able to see Caretta Caretta sea turtles. In this island you will find the most beautiful coves with crystaline waters like the Navigio beach.

Also, some restaurants offer high quality dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients.


Between the Cyclades islands, Santorini is probably the more famous destination in Greece. This island glows thanks to their white houses, spiral tracks and clear blue skies.

Thousands of people visit Santorini for walking through its pinturesque streets and enjoying of the romantic sunsets. Fira is the capital of Santorini where you can stay at luxurious hotels with giant pools and awesome views.…